October 15, 2018

Underwater Photography Speciality

Underwater Photography Speciality at Alba

Because Tulamben is so renowned for macro photography opportunities, we thought we would go that extra mile when offering courses on underwater photography. Instead of just running the standard speciality course with an instructor that will go through the basics of how to take underwater photos, we decided to do it properly.

We periodically host courses run by Adrienne Gittus, who is the award-winning director of the 2016 documentary A Fish Full of Dollars). Adrienne owns and runs Soulwater Productions, and has a stunning portfolio of work.

Her three day level 1 course is designed for both beginners, and also those with land-based photography experience, that wish to transition to underwater photography. The program covers photography theory, practice on land, supervised in-water training, and editing workshops. 

The course outline includes:

  • Underwater photography principles
  • Setting up and taking care of your camera and housing
  • Diving with a camera- buoyancy, kicking methods.
  • How to approach shy marine life to get the best shots.
  • Basic editing techniques.

If you would like more information or have any questions about the schedule of these courses, please get in touch.