October 15, 2018

Taking our DPVs for a spin

DPVs- the most fun you can have underwater

There are so many reasons why scuba diving is a lot of fun, seeing a shipwreck, exploring a dive site for the first time, hanging around weightless. Add into that diving with different people and learning other methods of diving, and it never gets old. But the icing on the cake has to be doing any of the above whilst whizzing around on DPVs or Diver Propulsion Vehicles, also commonly known as underwater scooters. They are so much fun. In fact they are so much fun i’ll repeat that, they are so much fun!

At Alba we have six, yes SIX DPVs. Of course you need to be qualified to use one, but luckily for you we also teach DPV courses. You’ll learn how to charge the batteries, set them up properly, operate them safely and generally take care of them. The course normally takes two days to complete but can be done in one super long day if required.

The first thing you’ll notice is just how fast you can go. The second thing you’ll notice is just how far you can travel, and the third thing you’ll notice is just how little effort you are putting into it all. Put all that together and you can have around 70 minutes (that’s how long the battery will last on full power) of seeing whatever you want, however far away it is. There are huge advantages to diving in currents, and, for the dive sites near Alba you could potentially visit two separate dive sites in one dive. It’s common for our divers to be driven to the Liberty wreck to start their dive, and then they just make their own way underwater back to our house reef. Or if you’re really feeling adventurous you could start the dive at drop-off and make your way back to Alba- the batteries can just about make it.

We have three Divextras Sierras, and three Suex XJoy 7s. Just be warned, once you have dived with a DPV, you will want to have one on every single dive you do.

For more information on DPV diving at Alba Dive Tulamben, click below.