Technical refresher

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Refresh your tech skills at Alba

After completing a tech course, many divers don’t get the chance to regularly do those kinds of dives back at home- life, or bad weather forecasts always seem to get in the way. Anything gets rusty if you don’t practice regularly, and with tech there is a lot to forget, especially the details such as dive planning and pre-dive checks. Technical refresher training is the solution.

Thankfully, although many recreational divers with only 4 dives often react with anger when confronted with the suggestion that they do a refresher after 3 years out of the water, this is not normally the case for tech. Divers tend to recognise that they are out of their comfort zone and are often forthcoming with their need to build back up to the type of diving they want to do again.

Tailored refresher training

At Alba we understand how important this is, and offer technical refresher training to the level that you are qualified for. That may be non-deco diving in a twinset, sidemount decompression diving, or trimix diving. Technical refresher training may involve an afternoon in a pool followed by a long shallow dive. We can also run through theory, land-drills, setting up equipment, and then go out and practice- skills, ascents, following a plan or whatever is required.

Even if you do undertake technical dives regularly, effective practice is often overlooked by divers. People develop bad habits, or maybe learned some crazy techniques in their initial training (tech instructors that live in a bubble seem to develop very strange diving techniques and procedures, because there is no-one around to challenge them). Spending some time with a tech instructor that engages with other technical divers around the world, will help to break those bad habits and unlearn bad techniques.

If you would like more information on your specific needs for technical refresher training, please get in touch.