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Tech Fun Diving at Alba

Our local dive sites are perfect for both tech training and tech fun diving. The volcanic topography that is synonymous with Indonesia is very interesting to explore. As you venture out from the shore, the volcanic sand undulates as it slopes off deeper and deeper. Around 5km offshore the depth of the water is 1,400m, and although we don’t have any walls here, we can very easily find 80-100m depth quite close to shore. But that doesn’t mean that anything shallower than that is not worth a dive. On the way down to 80m you will see rock outcrops, fissure, cracks, and valleys.

In terms of marine life, apart from barrel sponge, you never really know what you might see. Reef sharks are fairly common, but there is always a chance of seeing thresher or hammerhead sharks, as well as mola mola depending on the time of year.

Our approach at Alba

Most technical diving facilities place such a huge emphasis on diver training, that fun diving barely even gets a mention. This is all too common, but doesn’t reflect what many divers want; most people don’t undertake tech training just for the sake of it, they do it so they can go fun diving at that level afterwards. We offer a range of tech fun diving, and offer guided decompression dives from 40m, down to 100m. If you are qualified to use a DPV then we can take those as well! As technical diving often includes numerous ways to achieve the same ends, discussions about dive planning and diving procedures can be as interesting as the dives themselves. Our tech instructor will provide thorough briefings to ensure that everyone is on the same page with regard to these before getting wet. Post dive de-briefings are also important from a safety point of view, and this is something that we also ascribe to.

Equipment rental

There is no substitute for having your own dive gear, and this is especially true of technical diving. But we know that having to carry all that gear around is annoying and expensive. We can provide all equipment for technical diving, from backplate and wing, to regulators, deco regulators, fins, and spools. But we do recommend that you bring your own fins, masks, DSMB, and tech shorts.

If you would like more information or have any questions about Tech Fun Diving at Villa Alba, please get in touch.