Villa Alba Team

Alex and Jessica
Officially retired from “normal” life, Alex and Jessica own and manage Alba Diving, having built it from scratch 10 years ago. Their original intention was to settle in Indonesia to build a retirement home. They did exactly that, but as they are both avid divers, it didn’t take long before the idea to build a dive centre took hold. Alba Diving Tulamben is the result. Looking at the local dive operators, they knew they could do it better. Alba Dive Tulamben is testament to their belief in good customer service, and diving safety.

Alex hails from Glasgow in Scotland, and has been diving for many years, both open circuit and CCR- he owns an inspiration rebreather. Jessica is from China and is a divemaster. Alex previously worked in the oil and gas industry on construction projects, and Jessica managed numerous businesses in Beijing.

Brian and Lori
Our full-time instructors have been at Alba for almost two years. Originally from Beijing, they have worked in the diving industry for many years, first as divemasters, then as PADI instructors. Having worked for three years in one of the busiest diving locations in the world in Thailand, they have a wealth of experience in teaching a range of courses, from open water to divemaster. They are also Raid instructors, and avid sidemount divers. Lori is also a CCR diver, and a technical diver.

As our resident tech instructor, Richard can usually be found somewhere underwater diving his JJ-CCR. Before coming to Alba he worked as a tech instructor in Thailand for 5 years, managed two dive centres in Iceland (teaching tech whenever he could), and managed a liveaboard in Truk Lagoon, teaching courses and guiding open circuit and CCR technical divers. He also writes articles on technical diving for TDI and previously wrote for Scuba Diver Life.

He has his own website, Blue PO₂ Diving. You can find more information there are about the courses he teaches at Alba, and there are numerous other resources for technical divers; articles and videos. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram pages, or subscribe to his youtube channel.