Gas Blending Courses

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Gas Blending Courses at Alba

If you ever intend on working in the diving industry, you will be expected to be able to fill scuba tanks and blend nitrox. If you are involve in technical diving this may extend to blending trimix as well. If you only intend on diving for fun, you may still wish to blend your own gases at home (this is very common amongst technical divers in the UK).

The gas blender course includes theory on handling high pressure gas, safety considerations for using pure oxygen, and how to calculate the gas blends you require manually, or using software or via smartphone app. Much of the course is practical, showing you how to use a compressor safely, and giving you gas blending practice.

The advanced gas blending course includes the necessary requirements for mixing trimix. We can teach these courses through TDI and IANTD.

If you would like more information or have any questions about the Compressor Operator and Gas Blender course at Villa Alba, please get in touch.