October 11, 2018

Divemaster Training

Professional Divemaster Training at Alba

Divemaster training is the first level of professional dive training, and is the next level beyond rescue diver. The qualification allows you to lead qualified divers on guided tours of dive sites, and assist on diver training courses.

People may have different reasons for wanting to become a divemaster. Either they want to work as a dive professional, or they simply want to become a better diver. Both are valid reasons for doing the course.

The divemaster training program is very comprehensive. It can be very challenging but is also very rewarding. Divemasters need to have comprehensive knowledge of safe diving procedures, physics, physiology, equipment, and marine life. Divemaster training at Alba will enable you to gain a lot of experience in a very short time. This will increase your competence consistently over a much shorter period of time than if you did the course part-time.

We teach the program with  PADI and a good time frame for getting everything done is around 4 weeks. This allows you to learn progressively without feeling burned out, and also go off and get more experience fun diving as well.

If you would like more information or have any questions about Divemaster Training at Villa Alba, please get in touch.