October 15, 2018

Training our dive guides

It’s incredibly important for any dive centre to employ competent and capable staff that put safety first at all times; that should really go without saying. Our dive guides and instructors are very good at showing the local marine life, but they do so whilst constantly ensuring that their customers are safe at all times.

As with most things, there is more than one way to skin a cat (hopefully hypothetically!). Sharing air is just one example, and our tech instructor recently spent a morning with all of our dive guides to show them how to use a long hose. The idea behind the long hose is that in the unlikely event of a diver being low or out of air, you donate the gas that you have been breathing from, as you know it is working and is good to breathe. The hose is usually 2m long (6ft). Once you have donated the long hose your back up regulator is sitting under the chin on some bungee, and is imaginatively called the short hose. Once the out of air diver is breathing from the long hose, you have more room to ascend or swim to an ascent point. It is a very efficient method for donating gas, and is a good configuration for recreational diving, but does takes some getting used to. Our local dive guides had great fun learning all about it in the pool, and now do all their dives using this configuration.