Combined Tech Courses

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Combined Tech Courses at Alba

Generally, it’s a good idea to get more experience between tech courses, in order to be properly prepared for the next one. However, depending on how much time you have, some courses allow you to progressive very effectively if combined with others. With some agencies, this is factored in to their core programs, such as the Raid Deco 50 course. However, the TDI equivalent of Deco 50 involves three courses; Intro to tech or Sidemount, advanced nitrox, and decompression procedures.

According to which level you are already at and how much time you have available, we can teach the following combinations of courses:


  • Intro to tech and/or sidemount + advanced nitrox
  • Advanced nitrox + decompression procedures
  • Intro to tech and/or sidemount + advanced nitrox + decompression procedures
  • Advanced nitrox + decompression procedures + extended range


  • Sidemount + Deco 50
  • Deco 50 + some tech fun dives + deco 60


  • Sidemount + technical diver

Continuation with courses to the next level will be dependent on performance during each level being trained, e.g. if you found it very challenging to achieve the requirements for advanced nitrox for example, you may not be allowed to progress on to decompression procedures. This will be at the instructor’s discretion. If you have a lot of time and feel that you need practice between courses, we can price up some fun dives in between.

If you would like more information or have any questions about Combined Tech Courses at Villa Alba, please get in touch.