October 15, 2018

Combined Speciality Courses

Combined Speciality Courses at Alba

Sometimes it makes more sense to do combined speciality courses in one go. It’s certainly not true of all courses, but there are some that compliment each other very well. E.g. the sidemount and deep courses will give you twice the gas and independent gas supplies. So if something were to go wrong underwater, you are self-reliant and can safely end the dive on your own gas supply. Another example is that most divers get low on air before they get the chance to take advantage of longer NDLs on nitrox. Again, with sidemount, you have twice the gas. Combine Deep, nitrox, and sidemount, and you will be able to stay longer below 30m.

At Alba we teach combined speciality courses through PADI  including:

  • Deep + nitrox
  • Deep + wreck + nitrox
  • Sidemount can be included with any of these combinations

If you would like more information or have any questions about combined speciality courses at Villa Alba, please get in touch.